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Monica Rosenbaum, MSN, NPP
NYS Licensed Nurse Practitioner of Psychiatry  
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In Person Services Offered (Long Island, NY Location) By Appointment Include:
Psychiatric Counseling, Medication Management, Stress Management, Coping & Social Skills,
Self Esteem/Self Awareness & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & More
Child  Adolescent  Adult  Individual  Group

Monica's Virtual Couch [Telepsychiatry] has been a natural progression from the traditional in-office style of therapy.  With the wide availability of today's modern technologies, I provide convenient psychiatric counseling sessions via computer/tablet/mobile device audio & video chat applications [message and data rates may apply]. Over the past several years, my SchoolTalk™ offering has grown in popularity among k-12 and College /Graduate students. This service is available to clients for whom I have performed a full in-person intake [may require periodic in-person visits, medical/lab tests, etc.].

Tel: (516) 224-4358

Issues happen. When they do, I'm here for you. Transitioning, for example, from one grade to another, one school to another, one major to another, is often a very trying time. SchoolTalk™ is an option that streamlines the process and provides my clients with a faster response time when they really need it. Simply reach out to me and we'll schedule either an audio and or video session, payable via PayPal™.

HIPAA Notice

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), finalized in 2013, was designed to protect the privacy and security of individuals’ health information. Although compliance is somewhat left to interpretation, part and parcel of the Act are stringent regulations protecting patient privacy and management of Protected Health Information (PHI). The Act also requires that telemedicine services (including telepsychiatry) are performed in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

For this reason, Monica’s Virtual Couch™ subscribes to the following best practices of the HIPAA-related protocols:

  • Clients complete an “informed consent” form which allows them to understand what happens with the PHI that will be shared during the sessions.
  • No audio, video, or data shall be stored in any form or fashion.
  • Any communication between devices and servers shall be secured using real-time encryption protocols.
  • Strong user IDs and passwords shall be used and changed at defined intervals.
  • [For Desktop related operations] System “time outs” shall be set for defined periods of desktop inactivity to ensure access only to those with authorization.

This service is a great alternative for both local individuals who find this a more comfortable way of having therapy and/or for convenience, as well as for those out-of-towner's who can benefit from my 'out-of-the box' approach and techniques. Many of my clients have enjoyed this easy and effective way to discuss their issues and concerns. Compared with traditional in-office visits, these methods allow for quicker response times, especially in times of crisis. (30 minute sessions with 15 minute increments). 

A benefit of MVC  is the great convenience to you. You now have access to my services 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. Whether you live in New York or New the night shift or are on vacation on the other side of the globe, we can together schedule convenient times to get together virtually.

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