LifeSkillsTalk™ is our hands-on approach to giving our clients the tools they need to succeed. Assistance with strengthening the skills needed for tasks as simple as ordering a frappacino from the local coffee house, or as complicated as those required to overcome the anxiety of going on a job interview, organizing and preparing our clients with the necessary life skills to perform "real life" tasks is a service we provide.

“Executive Functioning Skills are those skills necessary for one to be an independent member of society”


Impulse Control

The ability to think before speaking, resist temptation, think about choices and consequences of behaviors before acting.

Flexible Thinking

The ability to think about different ways to solve problems, adjust to new situations, learn from mistakes, cope with routine changes, try new things, switch from one task to another, and learn new things.

Emotional Control

The ability to regulate emotions, choosing which emotions are appropriate in any given situation, maintaining emotions under pressure.

Working Memory

The ability to follow instructions, pay attention, use relevant information while in the middle of an activity.


The ability to have self-awareness of how one is doing in the moment to make adjustments of actions/behaviors to the current situation.

Planning and Prioritizing

The ability to plan daily tasks to meet short and long-term responsibilities & goals.

Task Initiation

The ability to motivate oneself to begin tasks by directing behaviors and actions.


Gathering and keeping track of information and one's belongings.

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